Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy New Year! 2015

After the hustle and bustle of Christmas, we decided to head up to the Pinecone House for some relaxing time away from home.
Here's what Kendall packed for herself- lucky we checked her bag.

We got there on New Year Eve and the kids were ready to celebrate! I think they were asleep by 9 and we were by 10, LOL.

Although we are having a horrible drought this year, we were able to find a bit of snow up the hill. Not much for January, but enough to play and even sled down. The kids had a blast throwing snow at each other and sledding down the hill. 

There was enough for a tiny, icy snowman! 

Then we headed to Greenhorn Grille with the cousins. I love watching all these kids together. Their ages span from 3-16, but they get along well. They're so sweet to each other and genuinely care and love each other. Cousins are so special! ❤️

We got some hiking in before we left as well! All in all, it was a nice trip with lots of time outdoors! 

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Christmas 2014

Right before school was out, Kendall also had her school holiday performance. She is proving to be a bit more of a performer than Grady. She doesn't mind the attention and seems to be more "theatrical" with her singing and dancing. 
She was adorable- her very first performance! 

   Sheer joy and excitement when she          
           spotted us in the crowd! 

She sang and did the motions and was              just adorable! 

My parents and Jeff, Kenzi, and Aiden were all able to come down and stay with us for Christmas! We got to spend a few days together before Christmas and went  out to Coronado and Jungle Bells at the zoo. Jeff, Kenzi, and Aiden stayed with us, and my parents camped out at the beach in Imperial Beach in their trailer. It worked out well and we also got to spend some time at the beach and enjoy the beautiful weather! 

We had to take our (what has now become) traditional silly family Christmas pics! 

We put out cookies and milk for Santa and reindeer food for the reindeer. Then relaxed a bit and had a bedtime snack before going off to bed! 

Christmas morning brought a lot of gifts and some over-flowing stockings! 

It was so fun to be a part of Aiden's very first Christmas! 

Kendall was so excited over the bath "paint" that she got in her stocking that she begged and begged to take a bath and use it. We finally gave in and let her. This required a break from gift opening and gave us a chance to have some breakfast. 

The kids were thrilled with their gifts. Some if the highlights- a magic set for G and a play kitchen for K.

          The living room got trashed!

After Christmas, my parents still hada couple of nights at the beach, so we got to hang at the beach again. The weather was cool and beautiful. 

Nothing says Christmas like s'mores! Mmmmm! What a fabulous holiday season we had! 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

December Events!

December started off like it normally does with the Brockett Family Bake Day! This year we combined it with the family Christmas since it's hard for a lot of people to make it to two events in one busy month. 

        Decorating cookies with cousins! 

                    The whole crew! 

Jeff and Kenzi were able to make it- yay! That meant we got to spend some time with this adorable guy (Aiden)! 

The following weekend we had the FBT family Christmas gathering at our house. It was really fun, but we sure have become a big group! We need a bigger house! :) 

Most of the little ones- having fun in (trashing) Kendall's room.

All the adults- plus a few kids and a dog!

We also had breakfast with Santa at the Safari Park that weekend. It was a good time and the kids even sat on Santa's lap without us! This was the first time they were brave enough. Grady asked for a magic set and Kendall asked for a game called "Jumping Jack." 

Grady had a few holiday performances at school. He's gotten better, but still doesn't like to be the center of attention. He did a great job though, and look how cute he is! His first dance with a girl! 

His class also did an evening performance for the families, but unfortunately Grady came down with a fever and a horrible croup cough the night before the performance. We needed up staying home from school and spending the day at the doctor and sleeping. I was so sad that he had to miss it (he was too), but he managed to make it to school for the last day of the quarter and his teacher was so sweet, she had the kids perform the whole routine for me and the other 5th grade teachers! It was adorable- especially since it was pajama day and the kids looked so cute in their jammies! 

The Saturday after school was out was also the last day of their Soccer Shots program. Both kids loved playing soccer and learned a lot from their coaches! 

They played games and got certificates and trophies. They were so proud! 

           Great start to winter break! 

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